Welcome Back!

Welcome back to class! We are so delighted that we will be able to re-open for the September term on Monday 7th September. We want to assure you of our care and diligence at ensuring that we are working in strict conjunction with the CO-VID 19 Government guidelines for the dance industry. We have working risk assessments for all Danceworks venues which have informed our new way of operating and we will be reviewing and adapting in accordance with any changes in the Government issued safety criteria.

We would like to ask for your help in making our new way of operating possible, as we need all dancers and families to take part in order for us to stay safe and minimise risk. Using the link below, you can watch our re-opening video for the Cheltenham Studio. More information about the Bishops Cleeve and Charlton Kings branch schools will follow shortly.

Below is an outline of our new way of working at the Cheltenham Studio (35 St. Georges Street). Please bear in mind that these systems are required by the UK Government to ensure a safe dance environment for all our families. If you have any queries or concerns, we really want to help; please call us on 01242 233 338. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to carefully read through, as we will need your full understanding and support in order to re-open and operate safely.

Before coming to class...

We will be asking for you to pay your termly invoice within the first two weeks of term. This is to ensure your place in class, as we now have waiting lists for many classes at the studio due to the reduced capacity needed for social distancing. Adult classes are affected differently, please see below in the adult class section.

Some of our classes will be operating on a split schedule because we cannot accommodate a large number of students together at the same time due to social distancing guidelines.

Please check your emails for further details about this. We will be splitting such classes into A and B teams and either:

  • each team will alternately attend class in person at the studio, and the following week via on-line class
  • in some cases, the two teams will both attend the studio but will be taught in two different rooms; one team being taught in the same room as the teacher and the other team being taught in another studio room with remote Zoom teaching by the teacher and supervision by their Teaching Assistant.

We need you be sure that your child/yourself/your family are not experiencing CO-VID 19 symptoms when you come to the studio. If you have any doubt whatsoever, or if any members of the family are experiencing CO-VID 19-like symptoms, we must ask you to stay away from the studio in accordance with NHS guidelines and advise us by telephone. Likewise, if you have been informed by Track & Trace to self-isolate, please do not come into the studio, instead inform us by phone as soon as possible, in case we need to take steps to close/isolate also.

Arrival and Departure in our new one-way system ...

Our ‘entry’ point will be the entrance to the left of the studio, down the side walkway. We need children to wait with parents in this area until their class-time at which point the class teacher will come and collect all the students and take them to the relevant studio as one group.

We cannot admit any parents or families into the studio. We are aware that this may be difficult for very young nervous children, so we will try to make this as comfortable as possible for everyone but generally we will be encouraging children to come in independently.

Dancers need to arrive ready dressed for class as changing rooms are not available for use. We realise this may cause problems for classes directly after school, but our capacity restrictions cannot allow for changing room usage. We will be relaxing uniform to some degree so that dancers do not change between classes. We suggest wearing a version of Danceworks uniform that works for all the classes that you might do on that day, simply bring all your relevant dance shoes.

Dancers with multiple classes on one day cannot stay on site in between classes. We need dancers to leave the studio (collected by parents) in between classes as we do not have the capacity to keep dancers in the shop or in changing rooms. Teenagers are able to leave independently as usual.

Our ‘exit’ is the door at the front of the studio. The class teacher will bring the class down to the exit, where we need parents to meet directly at the front of the building. We need a time lag between classes in order to clean down; both studios and public areas, so we need parents to meet children 10 minutes before the actual class finish time.

We need parent pick-up to be super prompt to allow the smooth flow of dancers through the studio. We can no longer accommodate children waiting on site for parents.

You can still buy dancewear/pay invoices in the shop, but we will have a one in/one out policy, so there may be a wait time. We would prefer you to pay by bank transfer or call ahead to pay by phone or to reserve items for a quick collection.

During classes...

Our studios will all be operating with social distancing, so dancers will use markers on the floor and barre to find their dance area, which will ensure that all dancers are spaced out safely. For movement that requires travelling around the room, the teachers will ensure that dancers take turns using the central space with social distancing in place.

Before and after class, our teachers will be cleaning down studios; wiping surfaces, handles, electronic equipment, barre and other surfaces. Reception staff will ensure that toilets and public areas are cleaned hourly, ensuring all surfaces are disinfected. Finishing each class 10 minutes early will allow us the time to do this effectively.

We need minimal belongings to be bought into the studio. Where possible, a water bottle and any changes of dance shoes should be the only items required. Where bags/phones are unavoidable, we do have provision for the lockers to be used but we would prefer this use to be absolutely minimal.

Adult classes...

The restriction on our capacity will have a great impact on our typical way of running adult classes. It will no longer be possible for dancers to arrive and pay for class on the night. Our new system will be for adults to book and pay in advance for a monthly course of classes. The booking window will open on Tuesday 1st September (10am) and on this date you will be able to forwards book in. It may be that we don’t have capacity to cope with demand, so in this instance we will try to offer additional classes if possible. More detailed information about adult classes will follow shortly.

Thank-you so much...

We are so grateful for the time you have taken to read this information - we are thoroughly committed to creating the safest possible dance learning environment that we can, and we are relying on you to help us do this. By using our new systems you can help us have an effective re-opening and help us all return to the thing that we love – dance!